Identification of need

Use of Language Assessments, Communication Checklists and Progression Frameworks to support identification of specific areas of need.

Baseline Assessments

Assessments carried out to identify areas and levels of need to indicate appropriate intervention programmes.


Observations carried out in settings to support identification of  a young person's strengths and areas of difficulty, pinpointing specific areas of need with suggested strategies.

Coaching and Modelling

The opportunity for staff to work alongside a Language Specialist in running groups on specific areas of language development, demonstrating specific strategies and next steps.

Communication Environment Audits

Audits to support the development of Communication Friendly Environments  which develop young people's learning through effective use of space and resources.


Advice on commercially available resources. Opportunities to view and purchase bespoke resources.


Surgeries to discuss a variety of strategies and resources to develop Language Skills and support students who have Developmental Language Disorders. These sessions can be based on general strategies or tailored to discuss the specific needs of individuals.

Setting outcomes and targets

Support to set outcomes and targets for students with Developmental Language Disorders, alongside suggested provision and strategies as to how these can be achieved.